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Nairobi Airbnb Operator Shares Photos Showing How Gay YouTuber Soiled Her Apartment With His Faeces

A Nairobi Airbnb operator is crying foul after American  Youtuber and travel vlogger Julian Albino redecorated her furnished apartment with his poop.

The operator expressed her plight during a chat with her friend who took to social media to expose the gay YouTuber.

In the conversation, the Airbnb operator lamented that Julian Albino broke her glass tabled, pooped on beddings and left without any notice yet he had not settled a $600/Ksh73,380 bill.

The distraught Airbnb operator shared photos showing bedsheets, pillow cases, towels and duvet cover all stained with the YouTuber’s poop.

“The person who appears above is Julian Albino. He/she has been in an apartment I manage for over a month and left yesterday night without notice and with an uncleared bill of 600USD. To add insult to an injury, he broke a dinning table, soiled 16 bedsheets, 2 pillow cases, 4 towels and 1 duvet cover, all with his poop. It was really a disgusting sight,” the apartment manager wrote in part.

WhatsApp conversation between the Nairobi Airbnb operator and Julian Albino shows him admitting that he soiled the beddings with his poop but he blatantly refused to have them washed insisting that it was job of the apartment operator to do the cleaning.

After he was exposed, the American YouTuber took to Instagram to deny any wrong insisting that he was being harassed online.

“Not my first online harassment,” Julian Albino wrote.




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