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Nadia Mukami Throws Her Mother A Lavish Party As She Retires From The Army 

Singer Nadia Mukami hosted a retirement party for her mother who had been working for Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) for many years.

The singer accorded her mother VIP treatment as she celebrated her retirement from the Kenyan military.

Nadia drove her mother in a Prado to the venue of the party and rushed to open the door for her when they arrived.

The party was hosted in an outdoor setting as it was attended by tens of family members and friends.

“Happy Retirement to my Mum! She has served in the Kenya Defence forces for years and now its time for a new chapter in life! One of these days I will surprise her☺️♥️
God Bless our parents and may he give us the strength to support them!” Nadia Mukami wrote.


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