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Nadia Mukami: People Felt I wasn’t Gonna Be A Good Mum 

Nadia Mukami gave birth to her first child on 24th March 2022, she documented the whole process in a video she shared online.

Mukami and her sweetheart Arrow Bwoy were blessed with a baby boy Naseeb Kai nearly a year after they lost their unborn baby through a miscarriage.

The songbird gave birth to her son through Cesarean section – a surgical delivery of a baby through a cut (incision) made in the mother’s abdomen and uterus.

In the video she shared, Nadia Mukami was seeing lying in be so nervous as she was wheeled into the operating room.

She was singing ‘nimepata zawadi yangu’ (I got my gift) just before hearing baby Haseeb’s first cry.

The video did show much of the Cesarean section  surgical procedure, it  however captured the moment the baby is pulled out of the singer’s womb.

The mother of one was criticized by section of netizens for sharing the video online. Some critics questioned whether she would be a responsible mother to her child.

Nadia Mukami addressed those who doubted if she would be a good mother while engaging her fans in an interactive Questions and Answers (Q&A) on Instagram.

A curious fan asked Mukami about her experience being a first-time mother and also a celebrity.

”Yeah, everyone is in my business telling me how to do everything. Just coz am an artist there are people who felt I wasn’t gonna be a good mum but they are shocked now. I ask for advice where I can & I just take a day at a time & trust that if God blessed me with a child he would give me the grace to raise him! And he has been fulfilling his word!” Nadia Mukami said.

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