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Clout Chasing Or Real Breakup? Nadia Mukami Comes Clean On Breaking Up With Arrow Bwoy 

Nadia Mukami announced she had broken up with her baby daddy Arrow Bwoy but many people greeted the news with skepticism.

The mother of one on December 8, 2022, publicly announced that Arrow Bwoy and her were done.

“Just to clarify to the guys trying to book Arrow Bwoy and I. I have run out of lies. We have not been together for a while, we broke up. Kindly contact individual management for booking. One love,” Nadia Mukami announced.

However, many people believed Nadia was only chasing clout while announcing that she had broken up with her baby daddy.

Many believed she was creating hype around herself before she releases a new song.

Netizens treated Nadia’a announcement with a pinch of salt because earlier this year there were claims the two had broken up only for them to come out later revealing that they were tight together.

People were also wondering how Nadia and Arrow Bwoy could have broken up yet they were only blessed with their first child together on 24th March 2022.

Well, Nadia Mukami came out to address all the skepticism about breaking up with Arrow Bwoy after she was accused of clout chasing.

Nadia denied that she was creating hype around herself before she could release a song, noting that she is a well-established musician who did not need to chase clout to release a song.

“I don’t need clout to release a song. I am already established enough as an artiste,” Nadia Mukami wrote.



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