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“My Man My Man!” Mike Mondo Gifted A Boxer With His Fiancee’s Face All Over It For Valentine’s Day

“Another woman will comfortably remove it, while looking for the yam!” A netizen comments about Shiko’s gift to Mike Mondo.

For Valentine’s Day, Mike Mondo, a popular radio host, was surprised by his fiancée, Shiko Nguru, with a unique and personalized gift, a boxer printed with her face.

The gesture captured the hearts of many, solidifying the perception of them being a perfect match.

Despite initial skepticism from some due to Shiko’s past relationship, their bond now seems undeniable.

Mike Mondo’s decision to choose Shiko as his partner comes from various factors, as he revealed when they began dating. Among these, he said Shiko’s exceptional motherhood skills, her focus, routine, and undeniable affection for her children. He also playfully mentioned her prowess as the “best kisser in the world,” being a topping to him falling for her.

Shiko, on her part, describes Mike as an answered prayer. After a breakup with popular Tweep Ramzzy who is also her baby daddy, she compiled a list of qualities she sought in a partner, including specific physical attributes and shared values. Interestingly, while Mike may not have met all her criteria, he exceeded her expectations in ways she hadn’t anticipated.

The exchange of personalized gifts on Valentine’s Day further showcases the depth of their bond. Shiko’s choice of briefs with her face for Mike playfully shows her presence in their relationship, subtly asserting her dominance, some netizens say.


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