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“My Father-In-Law Took My Wife Away From Me” – Prezzo Recalls Fighting For Daisy Kiplagat’s Love

Prezzo married Daisy Kiplagat against the wish of her father who did everything to separate them.

The flamboyant rapper married his baby mama Daisy Kiplagat on December 6, 2008, in a lavish wedding that was held at the exclusive Karen County Lodge.

The wedding was elaborate as Prezzo drove in a decorated black and grey Rolls Royce and the guest list included people like the late Fidel Odinga, former Kiambu governor William Kabogo and fellow musicians like Wyre, Shaffie Weru, Colonel Mustapha, Nasty Thomas among others.

The wedding cost a staggering Ksh4.6 million.

Speaking during an interview on the Iko Nini podcast, Prezzo expressed regret for wasting millions in his wedding while also narrating what he had to go through in the name of love.

The rapper revealed that Daisy’s father was against him dating his daughter from the word go and he even tried to separate them by taking her to Canada.

“My ex-wife’s dad was a very prominent person. So when he learned I was in a relationship with her, he moved her to Canada. I later moved to Canada and followed her there. I met my ex in high school. She was my high school sweetheart,” Prezzo recounted.

Prezzo said Daisy came from an affluent family and he was forced to live a fake lifestyle just to bring himself to par with her.

He expressed deep regret for spending Ksh4.6 million on their wedding only for them to break up a few years later.

“That was the worst mistake of my life. I used Ksh4.6 million on people who didn’t care about me. How the hell do you spend such an amount on a day?” Prezzo lamented.

He openly questioned the extravagance, recognizing the misplaced priorities that characterized the event.

“I was 28 years old at the time, I wanted my wedding to be my boss’s wedding. If given a second chance, I would do it differently. That is the one thing I wish I could undo — it’s my wedding to my ex-wife.”

He further revealed the financial strain he experienced, attempting to sustain a lifestyle beyond his means.

“I would pay rent as Ksh150,000. She came from a wealthy family. I did not want to bring her from Karen to suffer; I was biting off more than I could chew,” Prezzo said.

The narrative took a dramatic turn when his ex-wife publicly accused him of being a negligent father.

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