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“Muliniwon Sasa Kimeniramba” Karen Nyamu Hints All Is Not Well With Samidoh 

Karen Nyamu without going into the details said Samidoh has been ignoring her of late.

The mother of two used a metaphorical expression to reveal what was happening in her relationship.

In a post on Facebook, Karen Nyamu said her boyfriend nowadays takes a long time to reply to her texts.

Nyamu said her boyfriend told her he is a stammer that’s why he takes long to reply to her texts.

She further joked that people warned her and she didn’t listen to the warnings.

“Nimeuliza chali yangu mbona ana take long kureply akaniambia yeye ni stammerer😂💔 kimeanza kuniramba, na mlikua mumeniwooon😆😆,” Karen Nyamu wrote.

Some people noted that Karen Nyamu’s post was just a light banter while other actually thought it was symbolic of what is happening in her relationship with Samidoh.

Probably there is noting much to read into Karen Nyamu’s post because since Edday Nderitu went to the US she has been enjoying quite a lot of quality time with Samidoh.

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