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Mulamwah Still Calls Ruth K ‘Bestie’ Not Wife Even After Giving Birth To His Son

“Bestie kitu gani na ushadunga mimba, drop hiyo title wee mzee!” Netizens tell Mulamwah.

Mulamwah stirred controversy by referring to Ruth K, the mother of his child, as his “bestie” yet netizens expected a more deserving title, wife.

Their story began innocently enough, with Mulamwah and Ruth K collaborating on content creation. However, their professional relationship evolved into something more when Ruth K became pregnant with Mulamwah’s baby.

This turn of events surprised many, especially considering Mulamwah’s previous relationship with Carol Sonnie, which ended messily, leaving Carol to raise Mulamwah’s child alone as he initially denied his paternity.

Over time, Mulamwah had a change of heart and decided to step up and be involved in his daughter’s life. This decision was met with skepticism from Carol, who understandably found it challenging to trust him again after his past actions.

Rebuilding trust and a healthy co-parenting relationship takes time and effort, and it remains to be seen how their co-parenting will evolve.

Ruth K was celebrating her success as a content creator, recently reaching an impressive milestone of earning 298,000 YouTube subscribers. Mulamwah publicly congratulated her, reaffirming their bond by calling her his “bestie” and expressing pride in her achievements.

“Proud of this lady, keep going bestie ♥️😍!” He wrote.

This public display of affection has left netizens puzzled and curious. Many wonder why Mulamwah continues to refer to Ruth K as his best friend rather than acknowledging the deeper connection they share as parents.


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