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Mulamwah Meets And Gifts His Crush Faith Vaati 10K And A New Phone

Hii imeenda! Comedian Mulamwah has given Faith Vaati Ksh 10,000 and a phone.

Faith Vaati Musyoki had previously proclaimed in public how much she adored Mulamwah.

With her personal information and a description of how deeply in love she was with Mulamwah, Faith carried a poster through the streets attraction attention, until the photo reached comedian, who shared it via his Instagram stories.

Faith said that she wished Kendrick would love her and seek to marry her, revealing her dowry price was Ksh 1 million only.

“Finally met her, faith vaati musyoki, cute and jovial. Gifted her a brand new phone and kakitu kiasi 10k for showing me love , something i never get often. Asante sana. Lets always spread love and positivity. Baraka ‚ô•ÔłŹ!” he posted.

Mulamwah and Faith Vaati

Personal details about Faith Vaati are not known just yet.

Mulamwah and Faith

The comedian is in a co-parenting situation with his former love and baby mama Sonnie.

After their separation in December 2021, following the birth of their baby girl Keilah, the two engaged in continuous online arguments, before finally letting this go.

The comedian continued to claim that he had previously been denied access to his daughter before they went public with their breakup.

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