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Mulamwah And Ruth K Want 100 Million To Reveal Their Newborn Son’s Face

Mulamwah and his bestie Ruth K are asking for 100 Million to reveal “Kalamwah’s” face.

Comedian David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah, and his girlfriend Ruth K have recently welcomed a beautiful addition to their family; a bouncing baby boy. However, what’s caught the attention of many is their decision to keep their son’s face concealed from the public eye unless a hefty fee is met.

In a recent interview, Mulamwah stirred curiosity by mentioning that they aspire to reveal their son’s face in a unique manner, possibly charging a staggering 100 million Kenyan Shillings for the privilege. This unconventional approach has sparked both interest and debate among netizens.

Mulamwah emphasized that there’s no fixed blueprint for a celebrity status, advocating instead for doing what feels right and enjoying oneself. This reveals their desire to maintain control over their public image while also leveraging their newfound parenthood for financial gain.

The couple’s decision to withhold their son’s face has only added to the intrigue surrounding their family life. Despite sharing videos and photos of the newborn, they carefully conceal his face, heightening curiosity and speculation among their followers.

In addition to their cautious approach to unveiling their son’s identity, Mulamwah and Ruth K have taken steps to introduce him to the world of fame by creating social media accounts in his name. This move suggests a strategic effort to capitalize on their son’s potential celebrity status while maintaining a level of exclusivity.

The announcement of their son’s arrival was met with joy and well-wishes from fans and well-wishers across various platforms. Mulamwah expressed his gratitude for the support and excitement surrounding their new journey into parenthood.


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