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Diamond Reveals Why His Love For Zuchu Can’t Dry Up Despite Ups And Downs 

Diamond and Zuchu regularly break up and get back together and both of them stress that they won’t leave each other.

Speaking during their joint performance in Zanzibar, Diamond said he loves Zuchu excessively, even though they occasionally threaten to break up by posting messages online claiming to be single, only to be seen enjoying each other’s company shortly afterward.

Diamond disclosed that his love for Zuchu is unwavering because of her kind heart, revealing that she gives him whatever he wants without any hesitation.

“I love Zuchu so much because she is a generous person. So, if I ask her for anything, she gives it to me on time,” Diamond said.

The Wasafi boss further noted that Zuchu’s generosity motivates him to go out of his way to reciprocate and love her with the same magnitude.

“That’s why I often sacrifice for her, and I came to Zanzibar for her,” Diamond added.

Speaking at same event in Zanzibar, Zuchu insisted that she and Diamond are like a baby and sleep because they cannot break up today or tomorrow.

Zuchu additionally warned gays against salivating after her man Diamond, insisting that the Wasafi boss does not seek pleasure from the sewage discharge that homos use.

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