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“Msingoje Niende Jongomeo” Stevo Urges Kenyans To Help While He Is Still Alive

Stevo Simple Boy has shared some of the mean comments and remarks that have been  directed to him leaving him hurt.

In a recent interview with YouTube Vloggers Trudy Kitui and Martin Dean, Stevo said that he is usually looked down upon, some doubting his mental status,

“What pains is that some people say I am not an artist, others claim am crazy others say I don’t have brains. Others claim I am not able but I am able. What I want to tell people is that they shouldn’t take Stevo as a helpless person, if you can help help him just do it,” the artist said.

He encouraged well wishers to support him while he is still alive, adding that they should not wait until he dies.

“I ask Kenyans to help me, they shouldn’t brush me off that I can’t. Kenyans should help me when am still alive. They shouds not wait for me to die before contributing 100,000, 20,000 so that Stevo Simple Boy can rest peacefully. No, if you are in position, help me when am still alive,don’t wait for me to,” he said.

Asked on what had pushed him to share such remarks, Stevo said, “Kenyans know me as artist. They don’t know my background or what I am going through so am just requesting they should help me in my music and earnings as well so that I can be okay.”

Stevo added that he previously was not at liberty of coming out to ask Kenyans to support his music career because he was under a management.

“I used to follow what am told but for now I am the manager myself and I have my employees. If you have a show or  deal, my contact numbers are open,”the rapper said.

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