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Mr Seed Accused Of Spreading Gonorrhea And Other Infectious STIs

Singer Mr Seed has allegedly spread gonorrhea and syphilis to some of the women he has been sleeping with.

The artiste has been trending for the past week because of the drama with his baby mama who accused him of being a deadbeat dad.

Things go worst for Mr Seed as Eric Omondi came out to air his dirty linen in public.

The comedian noted that Mr Seed is part of the circle that has been spreading gonorrhea and syphilis in the city.

“Mr Seed you are trending now because of very immoral things. Nyinyi ndo muko na scandals za gonorrhea. You are trending for all week, sijui nani amepatia nani syphilis,” Eric Omondi said.

The comedian further assured Mr Seed that he will never succeed as a secular artiste.

Mr Seed was among the group of the likes of Bahati, Willy Paul and other who quit gospel industry to join the secular world.

“I want to give you a message from God, whatever you touch, whatever you do haitaenda anywhere until you come back to your initial calling,” Eric said.

The comedian had earlier revealed that the musicians who quit gospel to join secular were currently sleeping around with women of all manner.

“The gospel music industry has failed us. I remember the days of Groove Awards – the biggest awards in East and Central Africa. And then the next thing I heard is that DK Kwenye Beat alikua na gonorrhea, Willy Paul is leaving the gospel industry and now they are just having sex in Umoja. They have more scandals than the secular industry. We know what Willy Paul is doing,” Eric Omondi said.


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