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Model Koin Kores Cries For Help Claiming Mzungu Infected Him With A V!rus

“Kenyans I need help, I’m not okay!” Koin Kores says.

Koin Kores, a popular figure known for his street videos and blowing kisses to netizens, sparked concern with a distressing message. In a social media post, Kores expressed fear that he had been infected with a virus by a foreigner.

His words conveyed a sense of desperation, calling for help from his fellow Kenyans.

The post raised eyebrows as Kores hinted at a conspiracy, suggesting that the infection might be part of some medical politics.

He speculated that individuals might introduce infections into people’s bloodstreams to create a demand for antidotes, positioning themselves as the sole providers.

Despite Kores’ unconventional persona and occasional controversy, he enjoys a considerable following online.

Many netizens admire his unique style and spontaneous interactions, while others speculate about his sexual orientation. However, regardless of differing opinions, the majority of his audience rallied behind him in support upon hearing his distressing message.


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