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Mixed Reactions As Diana Marua Uses 2 Days To Birth Of Malaika Video For Promo

“Advert instead of being thankful to God?” a fan of Diana Marua asks.

The birth of Malaika, the precious child of Diana Marua and Bahati, was a moment of pure joy for the couple.

As they welcomed their beautiful daughter into the world, their hearts overflowed with love and gratitude for this precious new life.

Diana and Bahati were excited with pride as they held their little miracle, gazing down at her tiny fingers and toes in awe, all this joy abundance was shared with their fans on social media as usual.

For Diana, the birth of Malaika was a moment she had been eagerly anticipating for months.

The nine months of pregnancy had been filled with excitement, anticipation, and no small amount of anxiety.


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But as she held her little one for the first time, all her fears and worries melted away, replaced with an overwhelming sense of love.

Diana Marua has shared a video, two nights before the birth of baby Malaika Bahati. Netizens have reacted differently with some saying it would have been perfect if it was a thanksgiving post.

Some have also commented saying they wish ladies knew the pros and cons of giving birth via C Section.

For some mothers, a cesarean delivery, also known as a c-section,may be necessary to ensure the safe arrival of their precious baby. This surgical procedure involves carefully delivering the newborn through the mother’s abdomen or belly.

“Weeeeuuuhh, this two nights before I held @malaika_bahati for the first time, I was anxious, I couldn’t wait to see her.This is how far we’ve come with my daughter. She turned 6 months, 2 days ago, and mommy can’t be happier.” Diana posted.

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