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Miss P Admits She Gave Willy Paul Serious Lungula On Their Second Night

Miss P in a twist of events has admitted that she fell in love with veteran musician Willy Paul whom she accused of raping her multiple times.

According to Miss P, it reached a point that she started feeling jealous whenever Willy Paul was chatting with other females using his phone.

Further, Miss P admitted that she came to like Willy Paul after he visited her mother then promised to change his behavior. By then, the male artist assured her that he was not just interested in sex alone from her.

The lady confessed that she spent many nights at Willy Paul’s house because they finished working late and he could not manage to drop her home.

As a result, the youthful lady confessed that they engaged in adult affairs which left her confused and yearning for more having developed feelings for him.

Shockingly, Miss P slept at Willy Paul’s house and she felt secure since his girlfriend was around.

However, that was not to be the case on their second night as the alleged girlfriend to Willy Paul was not around when they arrived from their busy schedule.

It is then that Miss P confessed to have given Willy Paul a serious lungula which became part and parcel of their working schedule.

“So he forced me to have sex with him not once not twice and i had to tell my mum to get medical attention.” She stated while noting that she could be 9 months pregnant by now.

At the same time, Kenyans wondered why she was claiming that Willy Poze forced her to engage in horizontal affairs with him yet she was willingly going to his house in the night.

Some even questioned why she could not take an uber or a taxi back home instead of making it look like she could not reach home without using Poze’s car.

“Sikuizi ni umalaya tu kwa music industry why is Miss P behaving like a jilted lover yet she willingly gave her body to this guy? Ama ni zile kutafuta clouts as usual perhaps they want to release a new song and are thirsty for followers.” Said a Kenyan.

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