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Milly Wa Jesus’s Mother Shows Off A Basket Full Of Cash Money

“Mimi niko na dough, mimi sio mtu wa kupewa,” Milly Wa Jesus’s mother brags.

Mike Sonko recently has sparked a mix of jealousy and shock with his egoistic display of wealth and an ocean of cash in local and foreign curreny. As a result several other Kenyans joined the challenge including Eric Omondi, Njugush and now Milly Wa Jesus’s mom

In the footage, Mike Sonko unveiled large suitcases overflowing with stacks of cash in various foreign currencies, all the while directing his impassioned remarks towards an individual who dared to doubt his opulence.

“Can you believe someone has the audacity to claim that I am penniless just because I don’t offer financial assistance to children?” Sonko began, his tone tinged with frustration.

“Who on earth spread such baseless rumors about my financial status!?” he demands, visibly perturbed by the unnamed individual who has managed to ruffle his feathers.

“I may not have money to indulge children with unnecessary luxuries. This wealth is dedicated to pampering my beloved wives!” he exclaimed, his voice tinged with a mix of defiance and pride.

But Sonko didn’t stop there. He further proudly in his usual style asserted that the vast sum of money he paraded is nothing more than “pocket change for car fuel.”

“Look closely, my friends. This amount here is a mere two million,” he revealed, pointing at the pile of cash designated as his pocket money. “And all of this,” he gestured grandly to the remaining stacks, “amounts to a staggering thirty million shillings.”

Finer Details Of Close Relative Who Made Sonko Went On A Ranting Spree, Show Off Ksh32 Million In Boxes

As emotions swirl and the controversy surrounding his extravagant display intensifies, one thing is clear: Mike Sonko’s video has left an indelible mark on both his admirers and his critics alike.

In a rather embarrassing video, Milly Wa Jesus’s mother has recorded herself with cash money in her huge basket leaving Kenyans angry.

She doesn’t depend on her daughter and her husband Kabi Wa Jesus for money, she boasts.

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