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Mike Sonko Loses Instagram Account After Sharing Disturbing Video Of ‘Sigor Boys’

Mike Sonko took to social media to announce a lucrative reward for prisoners who will deal with the trending Sigor boys.

Sigor Boys, is a group of men, believed to be from the Kipsigis community, who recorded themselves sexually assaulting a woman in Bomet.

According to the police, 7 of the suspects have been arrested and efforts are ongoing to bring more of them to book.

In his post, which he accompanied with a short clip of the disturbing incident, Sonko claimed that the victim died after the incident, advocating for the grievous punishment of taking lives out of the suspects.

“Guys it’s so sad to watch the full video of the 7 idiots gang raping a young woman hata naskia aibu kuishare yote hapa nimeitrim nikashare only a few seconds. It’s so heartbreaking how this 17-year old girl was subjected to a heinous act of rape. The latest report zonasema the girl has passed on,” he shared on his social media platforms.

The former governor added that,” Even though the perpetrators have been arrested, it is an inhuman act that can’t be condoned.”

He proceeded to offer a reward of 7 million to those who will ensure that the 7 suspects are killed.

“I am hereby appealing to my former inmates and remandees in various prisons, in case you come, I am offering a reward of 1 million for the lynching of each of the 7 perpetrators. There is no other evidence that is needed the video evidence is sufficient,” he further wrote.

The post has however seen Sonko lose his Instagram account that boasted of over a million followers.


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