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“He Could Be Paid 2 Billion If He Sued Babu Owino” Lawyer Miguna Explains How DJ Evolve Lost Out Big Time

Miguna Miguna says the Ksh58 million Babu Owino spent on DJ Evolve’s treatment is nothing compared to the compensation he’s supposed to pay him.

Babu was charged with behaving poorly while handling a firearm resulting in the shooting of the DJ at a club in Kilimani, Nairobi county in January 2016.

The Embakasi East MP recently revealed how much he spent on Felix Orinda popularly known as DJ Evolve.

Babu told a court that the amount he had splashed in the treatment of the DJ had accumulated to Ksh58.6 million.

From the amount accrued, the legislator revealed that Ksh17 million was used in purchasing an apartment for the DJ in Kilimani.

On top of that, he had paid Ksh23 million in hospital bills. He also noted that he had opened a DJ academy for Evolve to help him get back to business and sustain himself.

The vocal MP also told the court that he had hired two nurses, 2 physiotherapists, and 1 occupational therapist for whom he is paying Ksh300,000 monthly.

“The family was not able to take care of him and as a leader, I continued paying the medical bills. Total bills accumulated to Ksh23 million. He was immobile and could not move. I bought an apartment at Kilimani at around Ksh17 million and hired two nurses, 2 physiotherapists 1 occupational therapist which up to date am paying Ksh300,000 per month,” Babu disclosed.

Additionally, Babu revealed that he was sending monthly upkeep of Ksh70,000 to cater for the DJ’s daily bills and food while the other amount was spent on his monthly medical bills.

“I have paid Ksh11.1 million and it’s still going on for 37 months. I take care of his upkeep of Ksh70,000 per month to pay bills and food. Medicine is Ksh80,000 per month. I have paid Ksh5.5 million for 37 months,” the MP added.

Similarly, the MP told the court that he had been friends with Evolve prior to the unfortunate incident.

“I have been friends with DJ Evolve since 2015. While in Nyalenda slums in Kisumu, I vowed that I will always give back to those who need help if I ever made it out of poverty,” he stated.

Miguna Miguna came out to slam Babu Owino following his revelation about his expenditure on DJ Evolve.

The controversial lawyer in a series of tweets said Babu had no moral authority to speak about spending Ksh58 million on DJ Evolve’s treatment since he is the one who put him in that state to begin with,

“You shot an unarmed civilian in the neck twice, crippled him from the neck down, reduced him to a bed-ridden vegetable, and you dare speak to us about spending Sh58 M you have stolen from CDF and obtained from peddling illicit drugs to the vulnerable?,” Miguna tweeted.



In another tweet, Miguna said that Babu should have been jailed for at least 20 years if Kenya was governed by the rule of law.

He added that the Embakasi East MP would have compensated DJ Evolve to the tune of Ksh2 billion if mix master was to sue him.

“If Kenya was governed by the Rule of Law, Babu Owino would be serving at least 20 years in jail for attempted murder and grievous assault with a weapon causing bodily harm. DJ Evolve would have sued him civilly and obtained Judgment for more than Kshs. 2,000,000,000. But because we are a banana republic, the criminal is lecturing us about how he spent Kshs. 58M of public money he stole on the victim he has crippled for life. And the prosecutors who were supposed to send him to jail are clapping!
This is impunity speaking!”


“I have watched this video which captures Babu Owino shoot DJ Evolve twice in the neck many times. It proves his guilt for attempted murder beyond any reasonable doubt. There is no law allowing a murderer or one who tried to murder the option of ADR or diversion. Those shouting about Okoth Obado and others should publish the videos of their guilt and we can debate. For now, #BabuShouldRotInJail,” Miguna added.



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