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Eric Omondi Installs TV, Wi-Fi, Other Amazing Stuff In His Ark  

Kenyan activist and comedian Eric Omondi has unveiled the remarkable features of his newly constructed ship, shedding light on its innovative design tailored for the Gen Z generation.

In an interview with journalists, Eric Omondi provided insights into the distinctive elements of his ark, emphasizing its departure from the traditional Noah’s ark.

This modern vessel boasts amenities such as television, Wi-Fi, a fully-equipped kitchen, four bedrooms, two toilets, and onboard restaurants, making it a testament to contemporary living.

“This ark is not like Noah’s ark. This has television in it, Wi-Fi, kitchen. It has four bedrooms, two toilets, and restaurants. In other words, it is the ship of Gen Z,” Eric remarked.

He revealed that the ark, capable of accommodating 250 people, is complete and set for imminent launch. While its original purpose was to serve as a refuge from flooding, Eric explained that its mission has evolved in response to changing circumstances.

“With Kenya’s evolving landscape and governmental initiatives, we anticipate utilizing it extensively. I envision it traversing all 47 counties, evolving to meet the needs of our people by transporting essential commodities such as food, grain, and clothing,” Eric elaborated.

By equipping the ark with wheels, Eric envisions optimizing its functionality, likening its operation to that of a vehicle.

“Ark is finished, we will launch it soon. We have adapted its role as the floodwaters recede. We aim to utilize it as a mode of transport, akin to a car,” Eric affirmed.

Although initially conceived as a response to flood-related emergencies, Eric Omondi’s ark remains committed to its overarching goal of serving and benefiting the Kenyan populace, demonstrating adaptability and resilience in the face of changing circumstances.

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