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Mercy Kyallo Explains Why She Was Arrested By Flying Squad 

Betty Kyallo’s sister Mercy got entangled in a criminal situation after receiving money that attracted police attention.

Mercy Kyallo opened up about a harrowing experience she had with the now disbanded Flying Squad which was a police unit operating under DCI that was mandated with dealing with crimes such as murder, kidnapping, armed robbery and others.

In a conversation with Phil Director, Mercy recounted the chilling encounter with the Flying Squad describing it as one of the most dreadful moments in her life.

Mercy said she was apprehended by Flying Squad after she received money from a criminal who was in their radar.

“Nimewahi shikwa na flying squad. Maybe it is the reason I’m here, I survived. The crazy thing is someone sent me money and they were at large. They were being looked for and wanted,” she said

Mercy however did not disclose why she was given the money by the criminal only stating that it was for ‘super innocent’ purpose.

Betty’s sister added that police apprehended her for 24 hours and was only released after she gave them convincing answers that proved she was innocent.

“They sent me the money so innocently. It was for something super innocent. The flying squad got to know where the money was going and they came for me. For 24 hours I did not to leave that car until I gave some answers. That’s the craziest story of my life,” she said.

The intensity of the questioning, coupled with the changing temperaments of the investigators, left Mercy feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable.

“I was in the investigation room. Nimeulizwa maswali, ‘where are they?’. And you know these guys, they change their temperaments. Mara, he’s doing good cop bad cop, same guy. Usiwahi taka kuingia kwa hizo investigations. I didn’t know anything but nilitoka hapo kama nimepeana all the information. it’s a strange story for me,” she said.

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