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Maxwell Mwamburi Eyes Otile Brown After Dreaming About Him

” My eyes are on you Bway” Maxwell Mwamburi has declared after dreaming about the artist.

The gay model and cake baker claimed he dreamt that Otile Brown was proposing to him at a beach in Mombasa.

Mwamburi said that Otile confessed that he had been desiring him for long.

“Not me seeing Otile Brown in my dreams on his knees is some beachfront resort in Mombasa confessing his long term desire for me,” he said on his Insta stories.

He is however unsure if he agreed to the artist’s request.

“I was so confused, he was spitting it all out in the muffiest Swahili fluency ever. I can’t remember saying yes, but¬† I was just still the whole time. What in the ***,” he said.

Mwamburi further said that his dreams usually come to pass and currently his focus is on Otile Brown.

“I rarely have dreams when I do it’s either¬† somehow ends up happening or somehow happening. I don’t know what the universe was letting me know but Otile, my eyes are on you Bway,” the model said.

Meanwhile, Otile Brown is still mourning the death of his unborn child. Days after taking a social media break, Otile has made a comeback revealing that he was expecting a boy.

“‚ÄėIt was a boy‚ĶDah it‚Äôs all good. Would have been my best. At first, I hated social media for she hated me. And made me believe that its all the social media bad energy..and I kind of believed it coz for someone who never advertises his life that much on social media,

“Yaani this one time I was lit, and excited and randomly decided to post about it while my heart telling me not to, had me feeling guilty. But again I was like nah I can‚Äôt give these low vibration that much power. It‚Äôs either our fault, God‚Äôs plan or natural causes can‚Äôt fit with me on God. Changed me though,‚ÄĚ the artist wrote on Instagram.



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