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Otile Brown Mourns The Death Of His Unborn Son, Reveals Its Gender 

Otile Brown said he thought his child’s death was caused by bad vibes on social media.

The musician spoke about the unfortunate demise of his unborn child in a post on social media.

He revealed that he was expecting a baby boy.

“It was a boy, dah!… It’s all good. Would have been my bestie,” Otile wrote in his Instagram stories.

The musician further narrated how his son’s death deeply affected him.

“At first, I hated social media because she hated me and made me believe that it’s all the social media bad energy… and I kind of believed it because, for someone who never advertises his life that much on social media, this one time I was excited and randomly decided to post about it while my heart was telling me not to. It had me feeling guilty,” he wrote.

Otile announced the loss of his unborn baby on Instagram on Sunday, July 2, 2023, , expressing his acceptance of the situation and his determination to remain positive despite the hardships.

“It’s all good. God, you know I never ask or question you… All I do is smile and stay positive. Our baby didn’t make it, and I guess it’s not my favorite year anymore,” he wrote.

Otile Brown has not revealed the identity of the baby’s mother.

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