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“Uko Na Mtu?” Mashirima Kapombe Ends Interview After Being Angered By Milele FM Presenter

“Mimi sio shemeji yako!” “Just call me Mashirima Kapombe!” The Citizen TV news anchor demands.

Mashirima Kapombe was compelled her to abruptly conclude a phone interview with Ankali Ray of Milele FM, who is renowned for the popular Wambea254 segment.

During the phone call interview, Ankali Ray initiated the conversation by introducing himself to Mashirima Kapombe. However, tensions arose when he mistakenly referred to her as ‘shemeji,’ a term commonly used to address a brother-in-law or sister-in-law in certain contexts.

Regrettably, Mashirima Kapombe took offense at being addressed with that title and promptly requested to be referred to by her official name instead, leading to an abrupt halt in the conversation.

After quickly ecognizing his error, Ankali promptly offers an apology and tries to clarify that he frequently uses the term during his show when making phone calls.

However, Mashirima sounds angered and uninterested in his explanation, deeming it irrelevant to why he’d called her

Unaware of the gravity of his earlier mistake, Ankali proceeded to compliment Mashirima on her appearance and inquired about her relationship status.

However, understandably upset by the inappropriate line of questioning, Mashirima swiftly terminated the call, expressing her frustration with Ankali and accusing him of wasting her time.


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