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Manzi wa Kibera’s Ex Cries Foul As She ‘Disappears’ With His Title Deed

“Amenitia wasiwasi sana, nikipiga simu kwake hachukui. Alinitumia, sina kapesa”  Manzi wa Kibera’s elderly lover is crying foul.

According to him, he gave the socialite his Title Deed but when he demanded it back after their relationship failed to work out she ghosted him.

The 66-year old now wants Manzi wa Kibera to either return the document or go back to him so that they can proceed with their marriage plans.

“Currently she doesn’t pick up my calls. I gave her a title deed for a piece of land that I wanted to construct a house where I will stay with her as well as engage in farming. I wanted her to keep it for me. She should return it if she doesn’t want us to date. When I last called her to ask about the title, she stopped talking to me and she never picked my calls again but I have no worries if she comes back,” he said in an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko.

According to him, Manzi wa Kibera made him bankrupt and he can no longer support his family. He added that she ended their relationship because he could no longer provide for her.

“My friends make fun of me after being dumped, I don’t even enjoy drinking. I feel like she used me because I no longer have money, I am yet to make enough money that will  sustain me in future. I can’t even send some money at home because I have nothing,” he lamented.

He is however willing to marry her and go back with her to his rural home because she is young and energetic and can help with farm work, as well as take care of him because there are things that he can’t do for himself like washing clothes and cooking.

At the same time he noted that his children have no problem with him pursuing love at his age.

“I told them it’s neither bad for me nor them. They know I don’t have anyone to cook for me at home, I can’t give that responsibilities to my grandchildren,” he said.


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