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“Analima Kulima!” Manzi Wa Kibera Enjoys Valentine’s Day With Her 75 Year Old Boyfriend

Manzi Wa Kibera has stopped using family planning in readiness to carry the new man’s child it seems.

Manzi Wa Kibera is celebrating this Valentine’s Day with her new boyfriend, a 75-year-old man named Daniel Njau. This comes just months after she parted ways with her previous partner, a 67-year-old man.

Daniel Njau seems to be quite smitten with Manzi Wa Kibera, expressing his love for her openly. He shared that he had been pursuing her for some time before finally winning her affections. “I tried my luck in Kibera, but she was with someone else. However, this year, it’s me and her,” he says confidently.

Wambo recounted their initial encounter, revealing Daniel’s persistence and charm. “When I received his call and he said, ‘It’s me, Mzee Njau,’ I initially responded with attitude. But he told me to calm down, saying he wanted me, not Wambui. From that moment, I became humble and gave him a chance,” she shared.

When asked about her preference for older men, Manzi Wa Kibera explained that she feels comfortable and capable of handling them, perhaps attributing it to destiny or her upbringing.

“I might have the blood of the elders; I know how to handle older men. They are my kind of people, and I enjoy spending time with them,” she remarked.

Manzi Wa Kibera’s unconventional love life has garnered attention and sparked discussions among netizens.

Some admire her boldness and independence, while others raise eyebrows at the significant age gap between her and her partners.


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