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“Alikuwa anacheat na madem wengi” Manzi wa Kibera Curses 66-Year-Old Former Lover 

Manzi wa Kibera plans to hire out her wedding gown after breaking up with mzae shortly before their wedding.

The ratchet socialite announced she had parted ways with the sexagenarian without offering any explanations.

Manzi wa Kibera has now come clean about why she opted to cancel her wedding and dump mzae.

The socialite claimed the old man is a notorious skirt chaser and that he was cheating on her with a bevvy of slay queens.

Manzi wa Kibera accused her man of cheating on her with multi-women and said she wasn’t ready to take him back.

“Anabore. Nilichukua phone yake nikaenda kwa messages nikapatana na messages. Alikuwa anacheat na madem wengi. Walikuwa wanamuambia awachane na mimi akiwatumia pesa,” she said.

She said she couldn’t access his WhatsApp because he had a code on his phone.

“Ameweka fingerprint as his access code to WhatsApp so ningesoma messages,” she added.

Manzi wa Kibera claimed the man had bought her a wedding gown worth Ksh45,000 and would use it for business.

“I’m turning the gown into a cash cow because it is not the one I wanted. I wanted a gown which cost Ksh150,000, and he told me he didn’t have money to buy my preference. I’ll be renting out the gown for 10k and 3k for laundry,” she said.


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