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DJ Fatxo’s Girlfriend Comes Out To Comfort Him After He Cried On Radio Station

Gathoni Waruguru gave Fatxo shoulder to lean on after Jeff Mwathi’s mom ripped him apart.

DJ Fatxo was inconsolable at Radio Jambo studio as Jeff Mwathi’s mom went on a tirade against him.

The embattled Mugithii musician, whose real name is Lawrence Njuguna, shed tears during an interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni.

The Mugithi singer was joined by Jeff’s mother via a phone call during the ‘Ilikuwa aje interview’.

All hell broke loose as Jeff’s mother Anne Wacuka insisted that her son’s demise was orchestrated by Fatxo and claimed that the country’s legal system had protected him.

She repeatedly called DJ Fatxo a killer insisting that he murdered his son and got away with it.

DJ Fatxo’s girlfriend Gathoni Waruguru came out to pamper him with love after Jeff Mwathi’s mother ripped him apart.

“My heart is and will always be yours. My love for you only grows stronger with every passing day. King of Mugithi, my man. Hawa wa mutaachana tu… lipeni tax kwanza mkisonga,” she wrote on social media.


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