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Love Wins! Harmonize And Kajala Hit The Gym Together After Reuniting 

Harmonize announced he is back to together with Fridah Kajala after two months of pleading with her to take him back.

The Bongo started pleading with Kajala to get back together with him after he broke up with his Australian girlfriend Brianna in early March 2022.

Over the past two months, Harmonize has been making it clear he is miserable and desperately wants Kajala back.

He has pleaded with Kajala repeatedly to take him back in vain. The Bongo singer spent a lot of money to woo Kajala, he erected giant billboards which had a photo of him and Kajala across Dar es Salaam and also bought her expensive gifts like two Range Rover Evoque.

Kajala ultimately unblocked Harmonize on Instagram after he bought her the two high-end British SUVs.

Harmonize has now announced that all is well between Kajala and him thanks to his posts on social media.

The Bongo singer recently commented on Kajala’s posts on Instagram heaping praise on her, saying that she is the best actress in Tanzania.

He also referred the Bongo Movies actress as his ‘wife’ while revealing that they worked out together at the gym.

“Thanks for motivation wife. 23 minutes everyday it feels like nothing. You made me support man and good boy again. Can’t wait working out together,” wrote Harmonize.




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