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Louis Otieno Reveals How Death Of Careen Chepchumba 11 Years Ago Affected His Life

Louis Otieno was allegedly dating Careen Chepchumba, who was 26 and a Kenya Power employee at the time.

The tragic death of Careen Chepchumba, an employee of Kenya Power, left Kenyans shocked after she was found dead in her apartment at Santonia Court in Kilimani, Nairobi, on February 12, 2012.

The circumstances surrounding her death were murky, and media personality Louis Otieno found himself embroiled in the ensuing controversy due to his alleged relationship with Careen.

Louis Otieno, speaking in an interview with Lynn Ngugi, has now opened up about how the events of that fateful day and the subsequent fallout have deeply affected his life. Despite being named as a key suspect in Careen’s death, Louis says he was denied the opportunity to properly mourn his friend.

He expressed his sadness over this loss, lamenting that he was unjustly portrayed in a negative light by those who did not truly know him or the nature of his relationship with Careen.

In his own words, Louis says, “It was very difficult. Irene was 26 years old and was working. We would interact at work.”

He denies any involvement in Careen’s death, stating that if he were responsible, he would have been promptly arrested.

Louis recounts the distressing experience of being asked to provide his DNA and surrender his vehicles to the authorities, actions he viewed as dehumanizing and unwarranted given his innocence.

Throughout the ordeal, Louis Otieno has maintained his innocence, maintaining that he had no hand in Careen’s untimely demise.


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