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Lillian Muli Shares Pain She Felt After Finding Out Her Bae Impregnated A Side Chick

“Never go back to an ex because Leopards don’t change their spots,” Lillian Muli said while expressing her pain.

The mother of two in a recent post on social mediaĀ revealed that she went back to her ex only to discover later that he had impregnated his side chick.

Lillian expressed her heartache and offered advice to women, cautioning them against going back to their exes.

She stressed that exes never change, comparing them to leopard spots.

“Never go back to an ex because leopards don’t change their spots. People don’t change. Tried this once and cried premium tears. The dude had a heavily pregnant woman on the side. I should just write a book at this rate. Will you buy it?” Muli candidly shared in a video on her Insta stories.

In October last year, Lillian fired at deadbeat baby daddies without making reference to her childrenā€™s fathers.

In the post, Lillian Muli was in her car listening to some Kamba song that was playing in the background, and she was wowed by the artiste because she apparently sang about deadbeat dads.

The Citizen TV anchor then made reference to the song and advised all deadbeat dads out there to start being responsible to the kids that they birthed.

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