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Lillian Muli Narrates How She Nearly Lost Her Son After Tragic Accident 

Lillian Muli wasn’t sure her son would survive the accident but by the grace of God he is alive today.

The media personality is a proud mother of two children – all boys sired by different baby daddies.

Lillian was married to her first husband Moses Kanene and they were blessed with a son before she divorced him.

She later moved on with Shabana FC owner Jared Ombongi, with whom she had another son before their publicized and bitter fallout.

Before their breakup, Lillian had an accident at home when she was pregnant and nearly lost her unborn son.

The mother of two shared a deeply personal story, narrating the life-threatening incident during her pregnancy that was miraculously averted by her then-partner.

Lillian Muli recounted the harrowing experience during a phone interview on Radio 47.

The Citizen TV anchor recounted a terrifying moment when she slipped down a steep staircase in her home while carrying items for the washing machine.

Being nine months pregnant at the time, the fall could have resulted in dire consequences for her unborn baby.

“You know how all of believe that you have the love of your life? I used to have a very connection with this person… This one time, I was home for some reason and at that time I lived in a house that has some steep stairs.

“I was alone. I was coming from the top of the stairs, carrying things to take to the washing machine. I slipped from the top of the stairs to the bottom, hitting the ground hard. I was stranded, crying, and without my phone,” Lillian Muli narrated.

She added that her baby daddy found her writhing in pain and immediately rushed her to the hospital where doctors managed to save her son by the grace of God.

“He found me there, picked me up, and rushed me to the hospital. It was a bit serious, but everything turned out okay. Had he not come home at that time, something bad would have happened,” Lillian Muli recounted.

What struck Muli the most was the inexplicable intuition that led her baby daddy to return home precisely when she needed help the most.

She noted that her baby daddy couldn’t explain the sudden urge to come home, but it turned out to be a life-saving decision.

The media personality admitted that the incident left an indelible mark on her, highlighting the significance of intuitive connections that go beyond conventional understanding.

“He told me something in his heart just told him to come home… Some connections are so deep that it’s almost spiritual. Your loved one is somewhere, and then something just tells them something is amiss,” Muli reflected.

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