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“Leave My Husband Alone” Risper Faith Angrily Warns Notorious Husband Snatcher Amber Ray

Risper Faith is putting up a spirited fight to ward off Amber Ray from her husband, the Kamba socialite is notorious for eloping with other women’s husbands.

Amber Ray has wrecked at least three marriages and she is now targeting the fourth one, she loves dating married men.

She was married as a second wife to Kisii politician and businessman Zaheer Jhanda and Matatu Owners Association (MOA) chairman Jamal Ibrahim Marlow.

Amber Ray is once again salivating after another married man, Risper Faith’s husband Brian Njunge, after her marriage with Jamal hit rock bottom.

The Kamba socialite targeting Risper Faith’s husband, but the bootyful socialite won’t just sit down and watch her marriage destroyed.

Risper Faith exposed Amber Ray for hitting on her husband on February 12th. She appeared on Instagram video captioned “Kina Amber muachane Na bwanangu kabisaa”.

Risper Faith with her husband
Risper Faith with her husband

Risper Faith vowed to destroy Amber Ray if she will not leave her husband alone.

“Hatakama Life is for the living mimi nitakuharibu. Siezi vumilia kuona hio tabia. Iwe Mara ya Mwisho. Amber Ray nitaexpose screenshots zote ukiendelea kuchat na bwanangu vile umezoea. Nitakuhaibisha last warning,” Risper Faith ranted.

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