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“Larry Madowo Is The Only Ex I Post” – Victoria Rubadiri

Citizen TV’s Victoria Rubadiri suggested she dated Larry Madowo as was previously thought by many.

In a post seen by, Rubadiri reminisced about her moments with Larry Madowo while they were still working together at NTV.

The Citizen TV anchor posted a throwback photo in which she posed with Larry while they were anchoring news.

Rubadiri further said that Larry is the only ex she will post; “the only ex i’ll post,” she captioned her post. 

Larry Madowo and Victoria Rubadiri were the most admired news anchors in Kenya when they used to work together at NTV.

The duo captivated viewers with their onscreen chemistry and most people actually believed they were dating.

However, Larry Madowo quit his job at NTV in March 2018 and moved to BBC.

Victoria Rubadiri too quit NTV just days after Larry Madowo’s exit. She left NTV in April 2018 and joined Citizen TV.

Even after their television chemistry ended, Larry and Victoria still keep touch.

Larry Madowo, who is now CNN International Correspondent, in September 2022 referred to Victoria Rubadiri as his TV ex while they were hanging out together in New York.

“New York City reunion with my ex-TV wife Victoria Rubadiri,” Larry Madowo captioned a post he posed with Victoria Rubadiri.



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