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“Kwani Juliani Amekataa Kutoa Pesa?” Lillian Ng’ang’a Sparks Curiosity After She Slams Deadbeat Dad

Lillian Ng’ang’a angrily slammed an unnamed baby daddy who refuses to take up his responsibility as a father.

The mother of one took to social media to rant without naming names, leaving many puzzled as to who she was referring to.

In her post, Lillian lamented that an innocent child was suffering as it was caught up in drama involving its parents.

“Someone is under fire for asking her baby’s father for child support.

“It’s bewildering how some people refuse to provide for their children and say ‘entrapment’, ‘crazy baby mamas’ etc.

“The child is innocent, separate your drama with the BM and take care of your child!

“As they say though, kids grow up and realise who the bad parent was! – that’s why you see neglected parents in old age.

“I also don’t support extortion via child support. Do your bit as the woman,” she said.


Lillian Ng’ang’a has a child with musician Julius Owino popularly known as Juliani.

It is not clear whether she was referring to her own case or another baby daddy who is refusing to take responsibly for his child.

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