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“Kwani Hajui Jokes?” Mulamwah Sues His Baby Mama Carol Sonnie For Keilah’s Custody

“Mbona upeleke baby mama court yet ulisema mtoto si wako,are you normal?” Netizens ask Mulamwah.

Mulamwah, has taken legal action against his ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Carol Sonnie over defamation.

This move comes in response to Carol’s video response titled “Ofcourse I’m a Kenyan baby mama!” following Mulamwah’s social media challenge titled “Ofcourse I’m a Kenyan baby daddy!”

The exchange between the two on social media sparked a flurry of reactions among Kenyans, reflecting a mix of opinions and emotions.

Mulamwah had previously posted a video discussing his shortcomings as a father, portraying himself as a “bad baby daddy.”

In the viral video, he appeared confident as he spoke about neglecting his responsibilities and being perceived negatively by others.

The contentious relationship between Mulamwah and Carol has been marked by bitterness since its end.

Mulamwah has since moved on and is currently in a relationship with his bestie, Ruth K. Their romance blossomed to raw lungula, leading to the announcement of Ruth K’s pregnancy, with the couple expecting a baby boy soon.

In light of Carol’s alleged defamatory remarks, Mulamwah has decided to pursue legal action against her.

Among the grievances cited in the lawsuit is Carol’s accusation that Mulamwah is a deadbeat and doesn’t take care of their child in media interviews.

Mulamwah is granted access to their kid for two consecutive days.

He is also allowed to take the child to his parents to meet her.

Carol should provide birth certificate of their baby for Mulamwah to process her travel documents.

The legal letter shows the complexities of modern relationships played out on social media platforms.

While Mulamwah and Carol’s public exchange may have entertained audiences, it also reveals the potential consequences of airing personal grievances in the public domain.


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