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Former KTN Anchor Louis Otieno Narrates How Nurse Made Him Lose His Hearing Ability

Louis Otieno said the nurse walked into the ward and told him that ‘he must sleep’ before injecting him.

The former KTN anchor opened up about how he lost his hearing ability while speaking during an interview with Lynn Ngugi.

Otieno clarified that his hearing impairment did not stem from his pancreatic issues.

Recalling the onset of his hearing loss, the media personality described the sudden and unexpected nature of the ordeal.

He said that his predicament started when he had been admitted in hospital.

“One day I was talking and listening and the next morning I couldn’t hear a thing. And I was in the hospital. At that time I was very sick: my pancreas crashed. A hospital is the last place you want to be suspicious because you’re trying to recover. My situation was really bad,” he said.

Loius Otieno recalled how a nurse at the hospital where he was admitted administered a suspicious medication that led to his hearing loss.

The media personality he had never seen the nurse before.

“I know for one there are some fights I can’t pick. They must have arranged this one for sure. I like light. A pretty-looking nurse comes in, I had not seen her before. She walks in and says, Why have you refused to sleep?

“So she comes in, puts my TV off, pulls the curtains, and very confidently she says ‘Leo you must sleep’. I don’t know what she did behind me, coz my medicine was coming from behind my ears. I slept from 10 pm to 7 am,” Louis Otieno said.

Despite suspicions, Otieno’s efforts to discern the cause of his hearing loss remained inconclusive.

The repercussions of Otieno’s hearing loss extended beyond mere auditory impairment. He experienced difficulties with balance and mobility, struggling to walk straight or stand for extended periods.

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