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KRG’s Baby Mama Doesn’t Want Him To Look For DNA Testing Facility 

Susan Kinyanjui laments that KRG is trying to bribe lab technicians to change DNA results.

KRG and his baby mama had a heated argument when they met ahead of the DNA testing.

The musician agreed to take a DNA test to ascertain the paternity of his 19-year-old daughter Yvonne.

Even though KRG agreed to take the paternity test, he still maintains that he has NEVER ever met Susan in his life.

Susan and KRG nearly fought when they met as the musician denied knowing her.

Yvonne’s mother wondered why KRG had agreed to take the DNA test when he claims he doesn’t know her or even met her before.

Susan further lamented that KRG would bribe lab technicians to change the results of the DNA test as he was determined to prove to the world that he is not Yvonne’s father.

Yvonne’s mother stated that she didn’t want KRG to look for the facility where they would conduct the DNA test, claiming the musician could easily bribe the lab technicians to alter the results.

“Ata DNA staki wewe utafute mahali mtoi atafanyiwa DNA ju venye tunaendelea utaenda upatiane pesa huku unajua wewe uko na pesa ndo DNA itoke mtoto si wako ufunikie kila kitu,” she said.

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