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KRG The Don Responds To Claims That His Music Is Not Known By Kenyans

Controversial dance hall artist KRG The Don has responded to claims that his music is not known in the country.

Several Kenyans were randomly questioned in the streets of Nairobi recently and they confirmed that they don’t know any of his songs while others said that he should be a comedian because that is what he is known for.

Speaking to podcasters at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport where he received Tanzanian singer Rayvanny, KRG however claimed that those questioned about the matter had been paid by his enemies.

“Those one have been paid by enemies. That guy who was asking people is a comedian and he went to a street where there was no one and he had planned that with those people.

“People are saying that I am a comedian. My brothers, you have danced to my music, how many of you have danced to my songs?” he asked the content creators.

He also accused his close friends of being behind the scenario.

“I know my enemies are not sleeping, I am also not sleeping. I know it is Dufla, Kiddo and Spoon who are paying them. That is there work in town,” Krg said.

On the other hand, Rayvanny denied that  he had been paid to release a song with KRG son as to make him popular.

“I am not here because of working on a music project or collabo, I am here for a tour, Kenya is my home, I am going tour different places. I will be here for two days. Whenever I come to Kenya, I have to look for KRG, he is my brother,” the Teamo hitmaker said.



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