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“Kiliniramba!” Pastor Ng’ang’a Reveals How He Got Dumped By His Pregnant Girlfriend

Pastor Ng’ang’a says his “come we stay” wife left him while pregnant, without a word.

Pastor Ng’ang’a recently shared a snippet from his past life, shedding light on a chapter of his early relationship that ended abruptly and unexpectedly. During a sermon at the Neno Evangelism Centre, Ng’ang’a disclosed the heart-wrenching story of how his then “come-we-stay” wife left him while she was pregnant, without a word of explanation.

According to Ng’ang’a, he and his partner lived together for six months, during which she became pregnant. However, instead of staying, she vanished after allegedly going to collect her belongings. The pastor only learned about the existence of his children when they were already grown, thanks to information from his ex-wife’s sister.

This revelation came to light as Ng’ang’a addressed the plight of his eldest daughter, Naomi Wangari Maina. Wangari had recently appealed to the public for financial assistance to cover the medical expenses of her six-year-old son, Jonathan Wise, who is battling a severe case of B-ALL Leukemia.

Despite the family crisis, Ng’ang’a expressed his disappointment that Wangari had not directly contacted him for help, despite her public pleas on platforms like TikTok. He emphasized his mixed experiences with his children, noting that while some show him respect, others seem to distance themselves.

This isn’t the first time Wangari’s family has faced medical challenges. In 2020, they rallied to support Jonathan as he battled Bilateral Retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer diagnosed shortly after his birth in 2018. Over the years, Jonathan underwent numerous chemotherapy sessions and frequent surgeries, making it a challenging journey for the entire family.


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