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“Acha Kukwamilia Mtu Hakutaki!” Kenyans Tell Edday To Drop Samidoh’s Name

“Edday Wa Samidoh”  Edday introduced herself in the US, making it known she’s ready to fight for Samidoh and delete Karen Nyamu’s love in his mind and heart.

Eddy Nderitu has become a well-known influencer thanks to her tumultuous marriage to Mugithi singer Samidoh and his lover senator Karen Nyamua.

Their marriage has been facing challenges due to Samidoh’s affair with Karen Nyamu, which has resulted in the birth of two children.

Eddy went to the US with her kids and has posted a video on her official Facebook page, sharing her experience during a meet and greet visiting, with Women of Hope in the USA alongside Ann Wa Muratha.

When the MC gave her the opportunity to speak, she introduced herself in the most remarkable way.

She proudly stated her name as Eddy Nderitu and emphasized her association with Samidoh Muchoki as her husband, “Edday Wa Samidoh”. She also declared herself as the Chair-lady of the Kenyan Goat Wives Association, a position she takes great pride in.

Karen Nyamu Samidoh Edday NderituNetizens want her to cut off Samidoh and take pride in herself because, the Mugithi crooner clearly has been snubbing him and adores Karen Nyamu more.

The affair between Samidoh and Karen Nyamu has drawn considerable attention from the media and has sparked debates about infidelity, trust, and the consequences it has on individuals and families.

The situation has undoubtedly caused emotional distress for Eddy Nderitu, who has found herself at the center of public scrutiny and faced with the challenges of addressing the infidelity within her marriage.

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