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Kenyans Make Fun Of Charlene Ruto After She Dresses Up Like An Old Kale Woman In Qatar

“You look older than your mother” Netizens poked fun at Charlene Ruto’s fashion sense after she donned a super long maxi dress at an event in Doha, Qatar.

President Ruto’s daughter was in Qatar to attend the Doha Forum Youth Edition.

Charlene shared a series of photos on her social media accounts capturing the event in Qatar.

Charlen’sĀ choice of attire drew attention and mixed reactions from Kenyans.

The presidentā€™s daughter participated in the Youth Edition of the Doha Forum in Qatar, where she had the opportunity to engage with inspiring speakers.

The focus of the forum was on cybersecurity, and Charlene actively addressed her commitment to combating cyberbullying.

Sharing her personal experiences, Charlene opened up about the challenges she faced with online bullying and highlighted how this adversity fueled her dedication to putting an end to cyberbullying.

ā€œThe cyberbullying experience I went through about a year ago created a desire in me to ensure no other young person has to go through what I went throughā€¦thatā€™s why I am at the Doha Forum Youth Edition engaging with other young leaders and experts on cybersecurity, AI, and data privacy. I turned my challenge into an opportunity.ā€

It was ironically that Charlene was actually bullied because of her dress code after the Doha event.



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