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Kenyan Socialite Mylee Stacy Says Her Dowry Is Ksh 800 Billion Only

“Dame ako na tattoo dowry yake inafaa kukua punda moja” A netizen tells Mylee Stacy.

Kenyan socialite Mylee Stacy has put a staggering price tag on her dowry, revealing it to be a whopping 800 billion, nearly a trillion Kenyan shillings. The announcement came in response to an admirer who expressed a desire to make Stacy his wife after being captivated by one of her photos.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Stacy shared the amusing experience of going through her direct messages, where the admirer went straight to proposing marriage. Unfazed, she playfully disclosed her dowry valuation, challenging the admirer with the question, “Utawezana?” meaning, “Can you afford it?”

The social media community responded with a mix of hilarity and admiration, with some questioning the high valuation and others commending Stacy for knowing her worth. Comments ranged from humorous remarks about tattooed dowries to discussions about the changing dynamics of dowry culture.

Stacy’s announcement follows a trend where individuals in the public eye are making bold statements about dowry amounts. Recently, Mungai Eve’s boyfriend stirred online conversations by declaring he would pay 10 million as dowry, with an annual increase of 5 million.

The discussions around dowry values raise broader questions about the significance of bride prices in contemporary society. As societal norms evolve, conversations about the worth and necessity of traditional practices like dowries are becoming less and less worthy of attention.


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