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Kennedy Rapudo Reacts To Amber Ray’s Plans Of Undergoing Boob Job

Amber Ray recently announced that she is planning on going for a cosmetic surgery for her boobs after breastfeeding her children as well as grown men.

Her husband, Kennedy Rapudo, was sought for his reaction about the plans and he said trusts her and lets her do what she wants.

According to him, he is not controlling towards he socialite, more reason to why their relationship still stands strong.

“One of the reasons she loves is because I have always let her be who she is. For you to date a beautiful woman, a gorgeous woman, a woman who is a celebrate, famous, you have to have confidence.

“You have to be a person who has a fragile confidence because when you have that whenever she is out you will always have issues but for you to be with such a woman, you have to trust her, let her be who she is and that is what we have always  done

Rapudo added that Amber Ray is free to undergo the breast lift and he will support her fully by even funding the procedure.

“I don’t have an issue, whether she wants to enlarge her boobs as long as she is happy with that she always has a blank check to do whatever she wants to do as long as we discuss it and we agree with it. Whatever she wants to do, just let me know how much it costs and I will fund it,” the father of three said.

Amber however said she is yet to settle on the time she would undergo the procedure because she is considering having another child.

“I want to have kids and then after that I can do my boob job coz nataka zisimame hivi, saa sita. I mean, baby nimekunyonyesha, nimenyonyesha Africana, Gavin,” Amber Ray said.

Rapudo simply laughed off the claims that she had breastfed him.

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