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Karen Nyamu Says She’s Not Having Sleepless Nights Because Samidoh Is With Edday

“Si feel anything! My dear siwezi skia pain, that’s what a real man should do.” Karen Nyamu says.

Karen Nyamu has opened up on speculations suggesting she is experiencing emotional distress following reports of her baby daddy, Samidoh, visiting the United States to see her wife, Eddy Nderitu and their three kids.

Addressing concerns about her emotional state, Nyamu, expressed gratitude to her followers for their patience during her brief absence from her senatorial duties.

A comment from a follower implied Nyamu might be hurting, urging her to stay calm and avoid causing any drama by following Samidoh to the US.

In response, Nyamu denied feeling any pain, saying that Samidoh had fulfilled his responsibilities as a father by visiting his children abroad.

She went on to question the societal perception of men neglecting their children when they find new partners, subtly arguing out the importance of paternal involvement irrespective of relationship dynamics.

When another follower criticized Nyamu’s response, insinuating that Samidoh had distanced himself, Nyamu remained mum. She reveals communication with Samidoh is on a daily, dismissing the notion of emotional detachment despite the physical distance.

The public relationship between Nyamu and Samidoh, spanning several years and resulting in two children, has faced challenges marked by infidelity allegations and dramatic incidents.

Fans of Edday Nderitu are always praying for the day Samidoh will dump Karen Nyamu.

Samidoh, who also shares three children with his first wife, Eddy Nderitu, has been at the center of controversies, further complicating the dynamics of his relationship with the two families as Karen and Edday remain nemesis.

karen nyamu

karen nyamu


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