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“I Don’t Date Broke Men” Karen Nyamu Says She Loves Samidoh To Death, He’s A Millionaire

Looks like #nothingbutprayers will continue for a long while. Karen Nyamu claims Samidoh is a millionaire and she does not fund his lifestyle.

Karen Nyamu has gained significant attention and popularity in recent times thanks to her affair with Samidoh who is legally married. Despite facing criticism and controversy, she remains firmly grounded and focused, unswayed by naysayers.

Known for her love affair with Kikuyu musician and policeman Samidoh Muchoki, who is married to Eddy Nderitu, Nyamu has been the subject of intense public scrutiny. However, she has continued to address the situation with a level-headed approach.

In response to Nyamu’s post, one of her followers made a comment suggesting that she should financially support Samidoh, implying that he should benefit from their relationship.

Nyamu swiftly replied, asserting that Samidoh is already a wealthy individual, and she would not be involved with someone who is financially unstable.

She urged the netizen to conduct a Google search on Samidoh to learn more about his success and stature.

karen nyamu love millionaires 1

karen nyamu love millionaires 1

Since Edday Nderitu left for the US alongside her kids leaving her husband alone, Karen has been enjoying undivided attention which she truly loves to showcase online for engagement and validation according to netizens.

Recently, she claimed Edday had left her husband to her after a follower asked why she won’t let him go back to his family.

Karen Nyamu is making a deliberate effort to integrate herself into musician Samidoh’s family, capitalizing on the absence of Samidoh’s first wife, Edday Nderitu, who is currently in the United States.

Edday Karen Nyamu Samidoh (2)Nyamu recently shared a series of photos on her Instagram account, documenting a family gathering organized to celebrate the graduation of Samidoh’s younger brother.

The images portray Nyamu’s evident joy in being closely connected to the father of her two children, as they share affectionate embraces.

Significantly, the members of Samidoh’s family also seem to be embracing Nyamu’s presence.

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