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“Mimi Ndio Niko!” Karen Nyamu Reacts With Joy After Samidoh Posts Her On Social Media

Karen Nyamu is over the moon after the love of her life Samidoh posted her on social media finally.

Karen Nyamu celebrated her birthday, and it was a day filled with love and joy, as evidenced by her social media posts. On this special occasion, Karen shared photos of her entire family, including her partner, Samidoh, which brought joy to their fans.

In the photos, the couple was seen full of happiness, sharing cake, and cherishing the moments they spent together. This public display of unity was a long awaited sight for their followers, who have been eagerly waiting to see Samidoh acknowledge their relationship on his social media platforms.

For a long time, Samidoh had refrained from posting Karen on his social media accounts, leading to speculation and curiosity among fans. However, on Karen’s birthday, he surprised everyone with a sweet Instagram and Facebook stories post. In his message, Samidoh expressed his affection for Karen and described her as his lookalike.

He didn’t stop at words alone, Samidoh also shared one of his favorite love songs that perfectly matched the celebratory mood. Alongside his message, he posted a photo they took in his earlier Australian tour, captioning it, “Look-alike, favorite Scorpio, I will not play it safe. Happy birthday Senator Karen Nyamu,” leaving no doubt about his feelings for her.

Upon seeing Samidoh’s birthday post, Karen couldn’t contain her joy and appreciation.
Karen Nyamu samidoh love
She also re-posted his message on her Instagram and Facebook accounts, expressing her gratitude and love. Her response was accompanied with the smiling face with hearts emoji to flaunt and show off the love they share.

Karen’s “thank you” and the loving emojis revealed her happiness and contentment that Samidoh adores her even as netizens accuse her of stealing him from Edday Nderitu.


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