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Karen Nyamu Advises Samidoh About Being A Polygamous Husband

Karen Nyamu is contented with being a second wife to Samidoh who is also married to Eddah Nderitu.

Nyamu through her Instagram story shared a meme apparently aimed at Samidoh for advice. She uploaded a photo showing a man who decorated his two wives with similar clothes and said that this is the solution for a person who does not want a fight between his wives.

The picture shows a man wearing clothes whose colours are divided twice in the middle and each woman is standing on the side where the colour of her clothes is similar to the side of the man’s clothes.

“When you have two wives and you don’t want them to argue or have any problems,” the meme is written.

Nyamu and Samidoh served couple’s goals on September 8, 2022, as they jointly attended the swearing-in ceremony of lawmakers in Parliament.

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party nominated Nyamu as its youth representative in the Senate.

Samidoh accompanied Nyamu to the Senate for her swearing-in. They also tagged along their children.

Eddah Nderitu expressed the pain she was feeling after Samidoh and Nyamu went public with their affair. She was reacting to a post by a social media user Bernice Saroni who was castigating side chicks.



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