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Kamene Goro’s Husband Speaks As Netizens Roast Her For Washing Omena With Soap

“Amekuchomea nyumba yako ama amechoma nini,” DJ Bonez has addressed the viral video of his wife Kamene Goro washing Omena with detergents before cooking them.

Radio presenter Ankali reached out to him asking him about the viral story.

DJ Bonez however lectured the him and told him never to call him and question him about such online stories.

“We nilikuamboia nini ndugu yangu kuhusu haya mambo, ni kama hunijui sijui hujawahi ambiwa kunihusu, mimi sipendi mambo ya mtandao, nakuomba usiwahinipigia simu kuhusu mambo ya kishenzishenzi kama haya,” he told off Ankali Ray.

He went ahead and confirmed that they ate the washed Omena after it was cooked but did not reveal if it was tasty or not.

“Yeah tulikula…” he said and immediately hanged up on the radio presenter.

Kamene Goro has widely been criticized over her act, with netizens suggesting that her husband should immediately return her to her parents.

“Kamene Goro washing Omena with soap & disinfectant before cooking them for her husband is one of the reasons you should all pay attention when we tell you about red flags. This one should be returned to her parents immediately or else that man will die a slow agonizing death,” a twitter user said.

In the viral video, the former Kiss FM presenter however said that she had to thoroughly wash the omena to clean them and remove the pungent smell.

Obinna who also present was equally shocked. DJ Bonez attempted stopping her saying that they would diarrhea.

Kamene however confirmed to him that they had eaten omena that had been washed in a similar manner  before and they did not encounter health challenges.

“I will rinse it after this. I have done this before beb and you didn’t diarrhea. Wash them make sure you scrub them,” she said.

Kamene Goro’s Husband Speaks As Netizens Roast Her For Washing Omena With Soap


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