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Ringtone Apoko Explains Why He Has Disappeared From The Limelight

“I am a walking scandal, and nobody will forget me,” Ringtone has declared.

Of late, the self proclaimed chairman of gospel music has maintained a low profile in the media that he even missed the launch of Talanta Hela.

Artists and digital content creators graced the event which was held on June 9.

Speaking to a local news website, Ringtone said that he is trying to avoid excessive controversies by staying away from the public eye.

‚ÄúI am relishing in this period of quietness, avoiding excessive controversy. My brand will continue to shine. I am a walking scandal, and nobody will forget me. I am also a walking solution that cannot be ignored,‚ÄĚ the artist said.

He added that he had left the limelight for upcoming artists.

“I have been spending my time praying, reading the Bible, and recording new music, which I will be releasing soon. I have left the limelight to upcoming artists who are eager to remain in the public eye,‚ÄĚ Ringtone further disclosed.

Speaking about the Talanta Hela  event, the Pamela hitmaker said that he felt the platform was overcrowded and he opted to mentor students instead of going to the statehous.

He also revealed that he had spoken to President William Ruto prior to the event.

He told the head of state that he was eager to meet him so that they can discuss on matters relating to the music industry.

Ringtone however said that the project that he will drop soon will automatically see him get an invitation to the Statehouse.

‚ÄúI received an invitation to mentor students at another event. There were capable artists who could have represented me at State House. However, I have an upcoming project that will catch¬† the president’s attention and lead to an invitation to State House,‚ÄĚ he said.








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